Free Ableton Instruments

Ableton has allowed users to emulate their favourite hardware synths & instruments through the powerful tool of instrument racks.

Whether you are making EDM, Pop, House or Deep House, you can discover unique sounds, to instantly inspire you to create your next hit!

So what are instrument racks?

An instrument rack is a Ableton live rack that holds instruments, audio clips and effects together. It allows users to create and save new unique combinations, or recreate there favourite plugins without the need of external plugins, reducing CPU and keeping project files within Ableton native suite of tools, allowing greater access for all.

Some popular examples of Ableton racks:

  • Classic piano racks
  • House piano rack
  • Effect emulation (e.g Endless smile)
  • Bass racks
  • Synth emulation

House piano racks

Pianos were a centre pieces of old school house music, however, one particular sound appeared strongly throughout the 90s scene – the Korg M1.

It was the swiss army knife of instruments, being one of the first to include effects such as reverb, delays, chorus, tremello and distorition into its hardware. As a result, it become the top-selling digital synthesizer of its time.

The piano 16 preset can still be heard today from some of the biggest artists including MK and Joel Corry with his huge hit from 2019 – Sorry.

Discover the classic Korg piano rack in our projects below:

Ableton Classic Piano Racks:

Pianos can be heared throughout music production both classic and modern.

The classic piano sound can stil be heard across todays biggest tracks from artists such as Route 94 and Solardo. As its instantly recognisable and provides an uplifting feeling to any track.

Discover the class piano rack in our projects below:

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